Disckatus in EUCR-S O+W 2016 – Arnas (France)

It was with a lot of illusion that Disckatus went on their second international experience, in Arnas, France, the first one as Spanish representatives in the EUCR qualifications.

Disckatus was represented by 13 players: Monish, David, Roger, Benja, Lucindo, Martin, Mario,Brian, Isaac, Vivo, Carlos, Rene and Ramon.

After a late arrival, we woke up with high spirits, ready to face some of the best teams in Europe. The EUCR south qualification was composed by teams from Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland and France.

The objective was to learn as much as we could, enjoy our game by doing the best we could and, if possible, to improve our seed. In the group stage we were pair up with two teams from Switzerland: Fly Angels Bern and Crazy Dogs.

Fly Angels Bern – Disckatus: 15-8

In our first game we faced the ones that would be the future champions of the tournament.

We entered the game really well, with good disc flow and showing that we were in the tournament to fight in every game, in every point. Despite that, the great Swiss offense and the efficacy which they used our turnovers to create the gap that the result reflects.

Crazy Dogs – Disckatus: 15-4

The second game was right after the first one, and the first of the opposite team.

Crazy Dogs proved to be a great opponent, with high intensity in every point and very physical. They also applied a zone, which Disckatus was not able to attack and it is reflected on the big gap of the score.

After these game we would face CUBS ZERO 51, from Bologna, game that could either qualify us to fight for the first 8 positions or the las 4.

CUBS ZERO 51 – Disckatus: 15-7

These game was characterized for the high temperature that was in Arnas, with everyone suffering a bit from that. It was a hard fought game and during the first half a very close game.

In the second half, the Italians appeared with a very interesting zone defence and the accumulated tiredness and lack of ideas to go around their defence made CUBS ZERO 51 a deserved winner.

DiscoBolo – Disckatus: 15-7

In our second day of competition, we would play to be placed in between 9 th and 12 th.

Playing against the second team from Bologna, was really hard and fun. They made use of their experienced throwers to make long plays that mostly would pay of as a point. We could not counter their strategy and gave our best to make the best result possible, fighting for every point.

Phanters Bern – Disckatus: 15-13

In our last game of this fantastic weekend, we fought very hard to leave Arnas with a victory, but Phanters proved to be a great opponent and fought as hard as we did. This show the true spirit of Ultimate, in which no matter which position you fighting for, you will always give all you have.

Disckatus started the game more concentrated and by the end of the first half the score was 8-6 for us. Phanters Bern came out on the second half stronger, especially in defence, and recuperated a few point, alongside a few unforced errors, that Disckatus did not made in the first half.

After this fantastic weekend, Disckatus would like to congratulate and wish good luck all the teams that go on to EUC elite and challenger and to the organizers of the tournament, Asul Ultimate Lyon.

A great thanks to the tyros that came with us to Arnas: Vivo, Carlos, Ramon and Rene. They were tireless in the field and even a better company outside it, always with great competitive attitude and great spirit.

Disckatus learn a lot in this tournament, gave its best and try to always maintain a competitive and respectful attitude towards all the teams. We will keep on working to maybe be able to represent Spain overseas in the near future, who knows maybe next year.

¡Cuéntaselo a todos!

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